blackmud river



side a
rock'n' roll highway (plymouth version)6:06
she's a killer3:59
long and dirty road (plymouth version)8:20
side b
wild rock'n' roll7:04
i don't care about it anymore (satellite '71 version)6:55
sale alternative cover
sale cover for the release show - this one's really rare!! not available any more
2nd of 3 blackmud river lps, all recorded in august 2013 - noisy rock'n' roll, black vinyl 180 gr, limited 110
voice, guitar, noise, words, recording, art ... wolfram reiter
drums ... albin kratzer
recorded in august 2013, mixed in august/september 2014
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blackmud river - you did do me no goodblackmud river - you did do me no good blackmud river - blackmud riverblackmud river - blackmud river