march 2spielboden, dornbirnaliengesänge - tuba performance 'gaul + kontaktchor'
january 17milk ressort, göfisarts birthday tuba performancewith harald gfader, bernhard köb...
dec 8einbaumöbel, viennaroad to winevillewith 'sonodrom express', 'banana chain', 'potzblitz', 'heute nicht', 'fs massaker' and 'stirb'
nov 9chybulski, fkroad to wineville & st. chaos street with 'stirb' and 'herbst'
aug 4poolbar festival, fkaliengesänge - tuba performance 'gaul + kontaktchor'
feb 24grafhugo keller, fkriverwitch/blackmud river with 'bug' and 'naileater'
january 17milk ressort, göfisarts birthday tuba performancewith harald gfader, bernhard köb...
nov 25einbaumöbel, viennaroad to winevillewith 'sonodrom express', 'banana chain', 'potzblitz', 'l'asino' and 'fs massaker'
july 14grafhugo keller, fkriverwitchwith 'paranoid mirror'
may 5chybulski, fkthese golden times of ruin (ex damage and ruin)
january 20cafe decentral, innsbruckriverwitchwith 'bug' and 'die originalen todesmaschinenbläser'
january 17milk ressort, göfisarts birthday bass performancewith harald gfader...
june 11grafhugo keller, fkjanedoe
may 28theater am saumarkt, fkblackmud river + damage and ruin
january 17milk ressort, göfisarts birthday gong performancewith harald gfader...
27.novmilk ressort, göfissolo noise + exhibition
12.junegrafhugo keller, fkriverwitch + cult of occult
24.jangrafhugo keller, fkblackmud river + damage and ruin lp release show 'stranded'
22.novtheater am saumarkt, fkblackmud river + damage and ruin lp release show 'you did do me no good'
24.mayvilla claudia, fkroad to wineville drums to 'panzerkreuzer potemkin' (s.eisenstein, udssr, 1925)finissage exhibition 'standort (vol.2)'
17.maygasthaus kreuz, rankweilblackmud river
2.maytheater am saumarkt, fkroad to wineville 'nerven' (r.reinert, d, 1919) - concert premiere of helmut köbs 'seagafon'3. may - stator play to 'phantom' (f.w.murnau d, 1922)
4.aprilgrafhugo, fkriverwitchwith 'bug' (ibk)
11.jangrafhugo, fkblackmud riverrecord release show 2 'east side movers & rhine valley groovers' (smoking hell records), with urbane praxen (ch), the fools (ch)
29.novembergrafhugo, fkblackmud riverstay sick festival 2013, 28.-30.nov, with stator (at), tongue tied twin (ch)
22.novemberp.m.k., innsbruck (at) riverwitchwith bug (at), fuckhead (at)
26.octoberrümpeltum, st.gallen (ch)blackmud river record release show 'east side movers & rhine valley groovers' (smoking hell records), with million dollar band (ch), urbane praxen (ch), haunted swamp beasts (ch), insekt eyes (ch)
2.augustchybulski keller, fkroad to wineville 'the bargain' (r.barker, usa, 1914)3. august - stator play to 'down to the sea in ships' (e.clifton usa, 1922)
5.julyprocontra, hohenemsriverwitchwith gastric ulcer (at)
22.junegrafhugokeller, fkroad to wineville - incl. trap/scum reloaded 2013 with ...and back to the moon (guitar-man from stator)
6.junegrafhugokeller, fkriverwitchwith shit and shine (uk/usa)
6.mayschlachthaus, dornbirnriverwitchwith jucifer (usa)
5.aprilp.m.k., innsbruckroad to winevillewith regolith (at), grenzregionen (at)
17.marchtheater am saumarkt, feldkirchroad to wineville 'the unknown'(t.browning usa, 1927) 14.march - stator (at) play to 'way down east' (d.w. griffith usa, 1921); 16.march - mose (at) play to 'schlagende wetter' (k.grune d, 1923)
25.oct.'bimbos' gasthaus kreuz, rankweilriverwitchwith tv buddhas
18.junipmk innsbruck 'heart of noise' festivalsolo noisewith ktl, kodiak, chra, bj nilsen
23.apr.cafe balthes - ravensburg (d)riverwitchwith night of one sadist
22.apr.rümpeltum - st.gallen (ch)riverwitchwith night of one sadist
18.dec.austria-feldkirch-graf hugo riverwitchwith night of one sadist
23.oct.austria-feldkirch-graf hugo riverwitchwith stator (at), split lp record release show
1.july austria-feldkirch-schloss ambergsolo noisebarbara husar exhibition - performance night with stator (at), provinz terzett (at), wir haben uns lieb bis einer heult (at), splatterblues (at)...
17.mayaustria-feldkirch-graf hugo riverwitchwith toner low (nl)
25.oct.austria-feldkirch-graf hugo riverwitchwith bug (at)
29.dec.austria-feldkirch-graf hugo riverwitchwith stator (at), to my deepest ego (it)
7.dec.austria-feldkirch-sonderbar riverwitchwith reflector (at), the striggles (at)
25.oct.austria-graz-forum stadtpark riverwitchwith sic alps (usa)
10.oct.austria-innsbruck-p.m.k. riverwitchwith azeotrop (ch)
6.sept. austria-wien-einbaumöbel super8films lilian / ecstasy of a doll + weeds
4.sept. austria-linz-stadtwerkstatt super8films lilian / ecstasy of a doll
22.apr. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadweedspuempeln 3
30.oct. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadsuper8film mad tsantsa poolbar
13.march austria-innsbruck-workstation super8film barn w.reiter, b.jehle
28.feb. austria-hohenems-ajz konkretjanedoewith bug (at)
26.may. austria-feldkirch-sonderbarsolowith mika bomb (j)
15.feb. austria-innsbruck-workstationbonefarm
13.feb. austria-graz-subbonefarm
17.nov. austria-linz-parkbadsauna q_#no.7 saunaordnung
8.june austria-schillingdorf/graz-gut neuhof bats super8film + soloborraville 1
2.sept. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadrats super8film + zombie-performance poolbar festival
16.dec. austria-wien-ekh e.v.stroheims 'greed'
15.dec. austria-hallstadt-?e.v.stroheims 'greed'
13.dec. austria-linz-kapu e.v.stroheims 'greed'
12.dec. austria-innsbruck-workstationbonefarmwith schlund (at)
3.nov. austria-wels-schl8hof solo noiseperformanceunlimited
19.oct. austria-schruns-casablanca kinoe.v.stroheims 'greed'
27.oct. austria-innsbruck-utopiahead of yagan
16.apr. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadhead of yagan
8.apr. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadbonefarm
20.march austria-linz-kapuhead of yagan trost label fest
3.jan. austria-hohenems-ajz konkretfrozen crabs
5.sept. austria-feldkirch-altes hallenbadensemble horror - frankenstein poolbar festival
16.feb. austria-feldkirch-sonderbar sleepwalker
3.jan. austria-feldkirch-jh graf hugometastase
29.dec. austria-feldkirch-jh graf hugometastase
10.sept. austria-feldkirch-pförtnerhausnosferatu project poolbar festival