* 1969 in bludenz, austria
1979 - 1988 gymnasium in feldkirch
1989 - 1996 studying politics at innsbruck university
first recordings in 1992, various band projects and solo releases - some with selfbuilt instruments
the first band ist 'metastase' (1996-1998) - playing free jazz mixed with rock and noise. the end of 'metastase' leads to the infernal noise of 'head of yagan' (1999-2001). two films are musically worked on: in 1997 it is james whales 'frankenstein' (usa 1932) and three years later erich von stroheims silent classic 'greed' (usa, 1923). 'bonefarm' (1999-2002) some kind of a morbid country band is the first chance working with songtexts regularly, no distortion on bass. 'janedoe' (2002-2005) get their focus on extremely bleak slow and heavy noise-doom.
after the end of 'janedoe' 'weeds' was started - a duo with 'janedoe' drummer albin kratzer. the musical spectrum of weeds includes melancholy jazz ballads, rather quiet atonal songs but also epic dark noise.
2008 'weeds' is renamed - now the bands name is 'riverwitch'. deathmetal songs, grindcore and rock songs are added to the songlist.
solo recordings:
'interstate 35' (1996-...) presents extreme guitar noise.
further noise recordings: 'the curse turning myself into a shadow...' (1997), 'black fate set afire' (1997), 'rakaraka' (1998).
free jazz alto-sax: 'this city kills its young' (1997), 'carry my soul to the sun' 1997).
songs: 'rags at dusk' (1998), 'drag me to the river' (1999), 'all of her grace' (2002), 'as i desire you' (2003), 'sadness pain - no disgrace' (2003).
after different work periods (oil and watercolour paintings; abstract works; schüttbilder; collage art) first erotic works are made in 2001. these become the starting point for drawings for the next years. sex and death become the focus of surreal pornographic drawings and collage art.
influenced by works of: hans bellmer, franz von bayros, japanese shunga (utamaro, hokusai etc.)... pornography...
super8 silent films
'down' (1995), 'mask' (1996), 'moon' (1997/1998), 'trap/scum' (1994/1998) - rather experimental first films, originally made for live performances of 'metastase', 'head of yagan' and 'interstate 35'.
'barn' (1998), 'door' (1999) - meditation in two parts on life and death - fire and water - silence and inferno. silent films, to be viewed with live music.
'bats' (2000), 'rats' (2001), 'el dorado' (2001/2002) - first figures - vampires, zombies; poetic surreal films, not really telling a story but creating a dark atmosphere.
'mad tsantsa' (2002) - strange puppet-show about sex and death. the puppets: cut off fish heads, a torso nailed on a board, ants
'lilian' (2002/2004), 'damned dead' (2003/2004), 'silencio' (2002-2004) - lilian: darkness of desire - in quiet pictures. damned dead: zombies between slapstick and endless replay. silencio: kind of sequel to 'el dorado' - poetic dark zombie film
'ecstasy of a doll' (2003/2005) - visual orgasm, the main part of the film is made of single frames of erotic collage art.